Come Play Mas

We would love to welcome you to St. Maarten to celebrate Carnival or, in Caribbean parlance, "to play mas". St. Maarten’s Carnival is many things. It’s about culture, concerts, cuisine and more. However, the center piece, the main attraction remains its beautiful parades. 


The three parades of Carnival are what draw thousands of people to line some of the main streets of St. Maarten to see all the colors and costumes on parade. The fun part is some of these onlookers even go all out and are costumed themselves!


St. Maarten’s Carnival has something for everyone. If you want colorful parades with lots of St. Maarten’s culture depicted, you can get that. If you want international concerts with some of the world’s biggest artists, you can get that. If you want to experience all the cuisine the island has to offer, you have Carnival Village and you can definitely get that. If you want to let off some steam and have a great overall time, the “jump ups” will give you that opportunity.


While other Carnivals give you one, maybe two of these things, St. Maarten’s Carnival truly gives you an experience of your life. 


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